another one stolen

entry taken from betelgeuseee

— my thoughts exactly:

It makes me sad

when people think relationships have to become dependant on sex.  What ever happened to good old fashioned love?  Kisses in the sunshine, holding hands in the park, laughing at embarrassing moments.  Do couples even do that anymore?  I think of it every single day, just to see him.  I won’t abuse his heart and beg for something that won’t last forever.  The feeling should be the only everlasting glow in one’s heart.

It puts good relationships in a bad name.  When the majority of teens these days just want sex and pleasure.  I’m afraid to even tell my parents how much I love him because of this damned majority will poision their mind.  I suppose they’ll see it as an excuse to things I could be doing (or at least they may think) when I don’t want to.  I have no need to.

*sigh* my mind can’t change the world.


i’m with you on this one



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