what i haven’t been sharing.

i probably won’t really tell you right now, anyway – however, i’m in like, and it’s the weirdest thing.

if you read my shit, you know i’m picky – not about food, but about boys.

i inspect ears and noses and fingernails and the way you walk – if your hair is standing up the wrong way, sorry buddy, it’s not going to work out.

however i’ve been talking to this one boy since probably around june-ish? yes we met over the internet – it’s a little silly, and he’s older than me, a lot older – but i don’t mind, i don’t feel it when i talk to him, when i’m around him

but thats the issue – i don’t see him often enough, i’m trying hard not to force myself on him, it’s just awkward for me because i don’t think i’ve ever been so attracted to anyone. sure i’ve had a bunch of boys – but he intrigues me, it’s funny – i can’t really explain it, but it just feels real and natural talking to him – everything clicks the way its supposed to.. to me at least

as of right now, i’m happy with where things are – he keeps telling me we’re going slow, okay bud – we’ll go slow, i’m sure it will be worth it

speaking of – make sure you make time to get to know someone, however, realize – that not everyone is WORTH that, everyone has always judged me, because well – i kind of have this rule, now it’s not engraved anywhere or anything, but it is something i noticed i do – not on purpose, just kind of on it’s own – it’s when i ‘drop’ people. i have the tendency to not waste my time on people whom i dont believe i will ever become close with. and no, this does not mean i stay away from them – ignoring all contact, it means that i will simply not put myself out there to infect my personal life with their sometimes stupid, ignorant, obnoxious, boring selves – to each is own, i may be too obnoxious for you – or i may be too boring – but i’m not sorry, if thats the way you feel – then PEACE, go find yourself someone else to bug.

wow – talk about knowing how to change subjects, anyway – it’s late, i’m tired.

keep your fingers crossed for me; i’m hoping this guy is worth it; annakay.


2 thoughts on “what i haven’t been sharing.

  1. being in like is so awesome. can turn everything right upside down – so hurrah for that and i love that you are enjoying the secretive aspect of like it is your own private yummy thing…

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