something borrowed

Lips Are Sealed from Leah Tanner

I have so much going on in my head right now but Im now under the impression that being able to freely express my feelings and daily happenings is not acceptable. This outlet I use to let out the good, the bad, and the ugly is no longer a place where I can say, “this happened today and as a result I feel like this”.

So, I will say that I can be tough when need be and sometimes at the wrong time but I also gety feelings hurt very easily. My main issue is that I continue to assume that everyone is good with good intentions. This keeps happening and as a result I keep shutting more and more people out of my life.

I am a good person with a big heart. This doesn’t mean I’m perfect at all! I can be a bitch, I can crack a joke or do something I shouldn’t but that’s life. When trust is broken and what I do or say is known to everyone it breaks my heart.


i just had to share this


One thought on “something borrowed

  1. Oh girl, I can’t even tell you how mnay times I’ve felt what you’re feeling.

    All I can say is don’t get jaded by the world, seriously, if you continue going through life looking at the good in people even if they seemingly have none, well, you’re ahead of the game.
    People always lose faith, and its the moment that you start realizing that people aren’t so great, that you need to maintain the positive outlook on them. I know firsthand how badly it can hurt you if you loose hope in people. Just my two cents.

    Ronald Regan said something once… “Trust, but Verify.”
    meaning, you can put your trust in others, but first and foremost, you need to put your trust in yourself to know when to double check someone’s intentions, because you will have YOUR best interest at heart before anyone else, unltimately.

    Good luck hun ♥

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