december 6th of every year.

i think it’s a Polish tradition, that if you were a good kid, santa comes on dec. 6 with a small gift to let you know you’re going to be getting presents under the tree for christmas.. and if you haven’t been good – well then santa doesn’t give you a gift on dec. 6 which means you’ve got until christmas to fix your attitude :] hahaha today my father dressed up as santa – went outside and my little one saw him, he was so damn excited i should have video taped his face, santa kept waving at him, alex was ecstatic! haha we have a system outside my front door which allows the person from outside to call in – i forgot what its called :x but whatever, so santa calls in – we see him through the camera and my brother is so nervous – my mom picks up and has a conversation with santa – then santa gives in, he tells us to check the outside the door for our presents – so alex runs and gets a bag full of stuff.. turns out that my brothers and myself all got cool mugs with hot cocoa powder in them – good gift in my opinion, means we’re getting big gifts for christmas :) YAY!

hahhah so i’m in a good mood, i’m going to go start getting ready for work

go make me a snow angel :]


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