hahahaahahahaha i love love love michael cera; he’s just so cute – and jonah hill, well who doesn’t love him

no one knows the asian kid, but he’s adorable.

most definitely my favorite scene from superbad – and this was once again stolen from fabio

enjoy your night ; it’s chilly out there – bundle up under your covers and watch a fave movie – be happy

:) i’m trying – real hard

xoxo; annakay



  1. Hey, appreciate the comments.
    And Superbad, haven’t gotten around to seeing the movie but heard it was hilarious. I’ve seen Role Models though and that was some funny stuff.

  2. Oh man that was like the funniest movie I had seen in a while and I thought the kid was pretty sexy lmao- is Jonah his name? I guess that’s him. I loved the part when the chubby kid was explaining his “drawing” problem lmfao….. Or when dude got hit by the car haha. Oh I just loved the whole movie lol.

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