it’s a beautiful day.

i’m in the computer lab in one of the buildings at my school,

i just finished a lab – due in 30 minutes ;]

haha, it’s whatever, i got it done – my head kind of hurts, but it’s so pretty outside, that it’s okay. today should be interesting – i start class at 11:20 – that’s my ecology lecture, we have an exam monday so it’s kind of review.. then after that 1:00-3:30 i have my ecology lab, which i will be going to a chatham cemetary for, apparently that’s where we’re doing our research this week?! hahaha weird. after that i have a little break and i have my dumb math class 6-8.. maybe a surprise after?

we’ll see.

oh ps; i got a 96 on my term paper for my bio – med class


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7 thoughts on “it’s a beautiful day.

  1. You’re not digging up dead people in the cemetery I hope, they’re actually good for the ecology, they would make the grass grow if they weren’t stuck in a wooden box and then vaulted in a cement tomb. Please don’t take that serious, I’m full of it.

    • hahaah nooo; we didn’t dig people up! we’re doing research on demographics – like population sizes, so we went around collecting birth and death dates to figure some stuff out; it was slightly weird; but not bad at all.

  2. Real ghost or emotional ones, if you don’t mind me asking. If they’re emotional ones, old Duran Duran can get rid of them. If they’re real, I hope you don’t mind me asking if you are in the Orthodox church, I’m a Catholic. But a bad one.

    • haah real ghosts; and no i’m not orthodox, i’m a catholic aswell, we’ve had ghost hunters in here, psychics of all sorts – and i’ve seen three of them myself, on multiple occasions, its weird.

  3. I once had an apartment in an old building in down town Denver. It had a female ghost and creeped me out so I broke my lease and moved. I’m a chicken when it comes to that stuff, other than the visitations from my dead cousin Shawnee.

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