distance; is it an issue?

you know when you just want to be around someone at all times, whether it’s a friend – your parents, siblings, a boyfriend or girlfriend – and it’s so freakin hard to spend time apart. i mean, obviously it’s impossible to spend every second of everyday with someone – and i’m not saying that would be healthy either hahah it’s just an urge – and like most urges, you’ve got to fight it, and you’ll be alright.

one of my best friends is dating a boy who is in north carolina – it’s hard, but they’re pullin through

all of my family is in poland – i get to see them once a year, twice at times

another one of my best friends will be separated from her boy for a full semester in only a month

they’ll be okay


it’s hard to like someone and know that you can’t just go see them when you want to

however everything happens for a reason, remember that – and you’re golden.


4 thoughts on “distance; is it an issue?

  1. I’m away from my daughter and at times it really hurts, she a a great little girl. I have thought of going for full custody, but I don’t want to make her choose between her mother and me. Distance hurts.

  2. I see her every time I go down to Oklahoma, which is every other month. Her mom and I were never married so we made the visitation agreement, not the courts. Next time I’m down there, we’re going to Fayetteville Arkansas, to see the Twilight, New Moon movie, she loves that stuff.

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