hookah my friends

okay – we got home at around 2am – there were 12 of us at raaz last night, everyone dressed up – we thought it was going to be a regular tuesday crowd – however, it turned out that tcnj rented out the whole club for a formal type dance – we got there at like 10:30 – and we were given the vip section – everyone that was there from tcnj, which was everyone really – was trashed, and i mean disgusting like the guys were holding their dates up – the girls were trippin and fallin, the boys were sucking face with anyone – it was funny – and entertaining hahah so we got three hookahs – they were all really good – i didn’t smoke much only because i was on the dancefloor with my ladies, we needed a night to just dance – and we love raaz, everyone’s been saying that i’ve become obsessed – i just think it’s an ill spot to hang out, the employees there are dope, they’re all really cool – so that’s a big big plus, the vip was great, everyone had a really good time, we danced the night away :) it was a blast.

i’ve got a bunch of pictures – but their on my roomies camera – and i can’t upload them right now, i’ll put them up as soon as i get them – so now – this will suffice!


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