I’m laying in bed, listening to colbie caillat’s new album; i’m impressed. i’m bummed that i never really want to write on here, by the time winter break comes along, i know i’ll be posting at least once a day, sometimes probably more. alot has been going on in my life. my goddaughter, my one year old beautiful baby girl, had a seizure. we were all really concerned, but the thermal seizure was due to a 106 fever at which my little girls muscles were stiffening up, turns out, she had rubella! and thank God for it!! so after a night spent in the ER, she’s all smiles and love, like always :)

that’s me and her!
so anywho; like i said, i’m in my bed; wanna see my room? i’ll show you anyway! tehe

yes, i have a self portrait in my room, yes i did it myself, i also did the james franco comic on top of my black ‘armoir’ and i have lots and lots of pictures, of those who i love, whom are really close to me. i love looking at a picture, and going back to the moment which the camera has captured. also, for anyone that noticed, i am Polish, and i was Miss Polonia of the Elizabeth Contingent, NJ in 2007, therefore, my red & white sash is hanging on one side of the room ;]

what a throwback; i miss ’07!

so on another note on how bad things have been recently, my best friends dad, had a heart attack. everyone was freaking out, he’s the last person you would expect to have a heart attack – goes to show, you don’t have to be big and fat to end up in the hospital, he’s the exact opposite. thankfully, he ended up in a good hospital, doctors took good care of him, unfortunately, he did need bypass – he ended up with four bypasses :( BUT after only a week and a half, docs’ are expecting to send him home, either today – or tomorrow! yay!!

but okay, enough negativity, i should be studying for my ecology exam on monday! i’m planning a night out tonight :) and i’ll be gone, all day tomorrow, because.. THE PULASKI PARADE IS TOMORROW! so let’s keep our fingers crossed, and hope for faaabulous weather! :) i usually walk in the parade, on a yearly basis.. i must have been in it, about 12 times, i’ve never dressed up in white and red, and actually watched the parade, so that’s what i’m doing this year! i’m excited:) i hope anyone reading this will come out! i believe it starts at 12noon, it’s on 5th ave, in nyc, and i believe it starts on 23rd & goes to 55th? something like that :) so come out!!

i’m going to go study a little bit :)

happy; annakay

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